Fabric & Carpet Protector

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Benefits of Pro One

An easy to apply one-time spray-on application that provides lasting protection to fabric and carpet.

Cleans Easier

Everyone wants their carpet and fine fabric furniture to be clean. Nothing can prevent it from gathering dust and dirt and accidental spills. Pro One Fabric and Carpet Protector puts a tough shield around each individual fiber, all the way to the backing. Liquids or solid soils are kept away from the fiber itself, so they remain in the open area of the weave of the fabric…. from which they can be easily lifted by thorough vacuuming or by spot cleaning with Pro One Sudless Fabric and Carpet Cleaner, or any mild water-based cleaner.

Lasts Longer

Every footstep on a carpet or rug or every time someone sits on a sofa or chair, thread against thread, fiber against fiber friction is created in a grinding action that gradually “wears out” the material. When this grinding action also includes particles of dust, dirt, and soil, the sandpaper effect greatly accelerates the wearing out time schedule. Naturally, any improvement in cleanability will reduce the “sandpaper” damage of the imbedded particles. Pro One Fabric and Carpet Protector has a further advantage of intercepting the grinding pressure before it can weaken the fiber, providing a dual protection against injury to the material.

Looks Better

Protecting the inner fiber with Pro One Fabric and Carpet Protector leaves the thread free to breathe. The surface, as well as the inside weave, is unchanged in appearance and feel. So inner fiber protection is achieved without sacrificing the original luxurious softness and feel of fine carpets and fabrics. Harsh surface tension is avoided, even though there is a surprising “beadup” as well.

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